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Did you run out of ideas to boost your employer branding?

We have the spark that will get you off the ground, build employee loyalty and attract talent.
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Maria Sobrino, nuestra consultora de employer branding
Maria Sobrino Setó
Marketing & Communication Coordinator Iberia
Maria Sobrino Setó
Marketing & Communication Coordinator Iberia

We are Employer Branding specialists

+10 year experience
Bombilla de ideas e innovacion

What's the Employer Branding? 🤔

It refers to the philosophy that seeks to improve the image of the company before its employees and candidates.

Why is it so necessary? 😯

Companies take care of their commercial brand, but forget about their employer brand; this can be seriously damaging. Word of mouth can make your project the best, but it can also take away its appeal.

Top companies already do it. What about you? 🏆

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Google, Netflix, Ikea, Starbucks… are world leaders. Do you think their fame and achievements come only because of their good customers? Think about it!

Google, Netflix, Ikea, Starbucks… son líderes a nivel mundial

¿Crees que su fama y sus logros vienen solo por sus buenos clientes? Piénsalo.

What do we include in our consultancy?

We offer customized consulting and auditing sessions for companies. You can choose only what you need or a Komboo if you want to make sure you apply the complete strategy successfully.

Customized auditing

We put ourselves in your shoes! We carry out a preliminary study of your case and recommend the best possible strategy according to your needs.

Employee Value Proposition Session

We’ll talk about what the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is, how to create it, how to communicate your employer branding, your EVP...

Candidate Persona Session

The importance of creating your candidate persona, what exactly it is, how and why we should do it, how to conduct an interview correctly...

Social Media Session

Employer Branding applied to LinkedIn, stands out among the rest of recruiters, increases the visibility of your jobs, strategy and content planning...

Candidate and Employee Experience Session

What’s the candidate experience and how to improve it, define your candidate journey, we’ll talk about how to create a successful referral program, brand ambassadors...

Option Komboo: apply the full strategy

Standard Pack

Theoretical session + Customized Auditing

Professional Pack

5 sessions + Free Customized Auditing

Premium Pack

Career Page + Choose your Theoretical session + Customized Auditing

We want to grow with you! 🚀

We have more than 10 years of experience in HR and, above all, we are eager to help you. The only thing missing, is you.
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Candidata feliz porque ha encontrado trabajo

What will happen then?

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Your employees will recommend you as a brand.
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You will easily attract potential candidates.
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You will build employee engagement and trust.
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You will fill vacancies up to 50% earlier than usual.
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Who will lead the sessions?

Maria Sobrino: specialist and consultant in Employer Branding, marketing and communication coordinator and teacher in HR Management Master at IEBS Business School.
Her qualified experience has helped a large number of companies and recruiters to improve their employer branding and attract the right talent.

Learn more. Get to know Maria!

Maria Sobrino, consultora de employer branding
Maria Sobrino Setó
Marketing & Communication Coordinator Iberia

Recap? Let’s do it!

We create customized, inspiring and strategic career pages for companies that want to recruit top talent. Let the candidates know you!

Pricing  🤝

Contact us to request a free quote. We’ll adjust to suit your needs. Click here and we’ll give you further details.

Duration  🕑

It depends on the sessions or the selected pack. Each session lasts for about 2 hours.

Format 💻

Consultancies and auditings are 100% online in Google Meet.