Attract and convert top talent 24 hours a day

Give your candidates the unforgettable experience of applying for a job with a bot.
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User experience as a strategy to be liked

Want the best candidates to stay with you? Empathize with them. Make them feel cared for and listened to from the first moment and at any time of the day.
Karibot Mobile
atraccion de talento

Attract talent from multiple devices

Users can view jobs scanning a QR code with their mobiles, from an email you may send them or from signs displayed in your offices. It’s very simple.

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A look & feel that converts and attracts as a magnet

Karibot’s format speeds up applications. It’s strategically designed to attract and convert.

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Receive the information wherever you want

Do you want to receive your candidates’ answers directly in your ATS or hiring software? Or maybe in your email inbox? We offer you organized and handy information. You’re the boss!

Customized flow

Ask as much as you want, with 100% customized questions. Adapt the conversation’s flow according to the answers.
Mobile flujo Karibot

An application experience that hooks you on

What if instead of filling out endless and repetitive forms, your candidates could chat with a bot to apply for a job? Wouldn't it be snappy and more dynamic for them? Of course, it would. They would then recommend you and would not abandon you. As simple as that. By the way, customize the experience with emojis, animated GIFs, images or corporate videos.
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Karibot, always available

Connect with passive talent, those who are not looking for a job right now. They may be visiting your store, attending a job fair, buying in your ecommerce store, watching your ads or even your corporate cars on the street.
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Measure conversion and visualize where in the flow is there a higher drop-off rate. Learn how your candidates behave and adapt it to improve conversion.
Analisis de la conversacion de los candidatos

Learn what they say

You will have all of your candidates' conversations to study them.

Puntos de caida en karibot

User drop off points

Identify the specific questions that cause 'that drop-off' and adapt it to improve your performance.

Medir la conversion en relacion a los objetivos

Your targets on a calendar

Measure conversion by date range and compare the evolution.